The Bellevue EP

by Blake Stratton

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released September 6, 2011

Produced, engineered and mixed by David Spencer
Written and co-produced by Blake Stratton
Mastered by Bert Elliott
Album art by Graham Burns

The Players:
Bert Elliott: keys
Blake Stratton: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, bass
Cara (Slaybaugh) Fox: cello
David Spencer: background vocals
Eleonore Denig: violin, string arrangements
Gabe Scott: hammer dulcimer
Jake Goss: drums, percussion
Jeb Holmes: electric guitar
Josh Johnson: background vocals
Mark Trussell: electric guitar
Nicole Johnson: background vocals
Richard Scott: percussion
Steffany Frizzell: background vocals
Steve Moakler: background vocals



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Blake Stratton Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Closer
Come in closer
Put your fears on my shoulder, baby
You can rest your weary heart in my arms, you're aching
But I won't let you go

How do the leaves look so alive when they're dying?
How are you so beautiful when you're crying?

Never thought you could feel such pain
and still remain so peaceful
Well, this season feels like winter's cold
But seasons come and seasons go
We keep standing, singing songs of hope

We are not home,
But we're getting closer
Track Name: Leave On A Light
Leave on a light
I am still running and maybe tonight
We will find love
You and I

The longest stretch of road
Even in darkness, somehow I know
I am closing in
On you and I

Oh, my love, I'm coming home
But I've got more than miles to go
We're waiting on more than time
For grace to give away
You and I

Heaven ever sings
Sings over you, my beautiful queen
God wrote a song
For you and I

And I have penned the words
I made a vow, my heart is yours
But we have yet to meet
You and I

If only you could see me
If you could see me now
If only you were here to see me now
Track Name: Bellevue
Tonight I drove to Bellevue
To smell its summer breath
The old windmill and soccer field
Were the same as when I left
It was just out of old habit
That I turned onto her street
Tonight I drove to Bellevue
With no one there to meet

Tonight I drove to Bellevue
18 miles from my home
The nighttime tells its secrets
If you ride through it alone
It told me it was more than boredom
That had brought me here
Tonight I drove to Bellevue
Just to feel like she was near

And I don't know
What this town remembers, but
These street signs
Read like old love letters now

Tonight I drove to Bellevue
And I turned right back around
The volume of my speakers
Couldn't overcome the sound
Of those three words
That were spoken premature
Tonight I drove to Bellevue
Because I can't forget her
Track Name: Turn Me Loose (feat. Steve Moakler)
Your ship set sail months ago
I didn't know that you had found someone at sea
When you returned, did you see
I was halfway to the ground on my knee
So don't expect a show

'Cause I don't care to hear about
Another young buck who is working out for you
What's the use?
And time was too shy to tell
I put too many dimes in that wishing well for you
Pull me out, cut me down, turn me loose

Pleasant, small talk conversation
Well, do you know
That I can see right through your smiles?
'Cause I've been under your spell,
Ya, you know me too well
So don't try to make my acquaintance now

I don't know how to see you how you see me now
I don't know how to speak without screaming out
So please just keep your distanc
Please don't say my name
'Cause I'm still living in your prison, girl
And your voice is the chain

I don't care to hear about, to hear about it
I don't care to hear about another young buck
Track Name: Let Him Be Me (live demo)
She's like a flower of white
Wild in the fields, reflecting sunlight
And royalty is what she deserves
But I am a pauper, I was born poor
Oh, Lord, have you found a man worthy?
A prince for this daughter of grace?

Please, please, please
Give her the best man that you see
And please, please, please
Let him be me

Well I know Lord, that you know her well
From your very house this angel fell
And I'd work a lifetime, give my back to this land
Just for a chance at that lady's hand
Oh, Lord, I know I ain't worthy
But even dead men can rise by your grace

Let him be true and faithful to her
And grow him in faith, make him wiser
Just let all her needs be satisfied
And if you have yet to decide the means, then please...

Please, please
Give her the best man that you see
And please, please, please
Let him be me

If you make a blind man see, let him be me